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New apartment, lower utility bills

Nowadays, the energy consumption of an apartment is one of the most important aspects of choosing a property, because utility bills – more specifically, the price of electricity and gas – are getting higher. Therefore, it is particularly important to find an energy-efficient home that can be heated and cooled for a lower fee, whether you are looking for your own home or considering buying an apartment an investment.

A modern home can cut your energy bills by a third

Like household appliances, the energy consumption of apartments is indicated by the letters of the alphabet.

It is worth knowing about the energy classification of buildings and apartments, and the expected costs:

  • The higher the rating, the lower the energy demand (AA – low consumption, FF – high consumption).
  • The energy demand of a modern BB-rated home can be up to a third of an average FF-rated home’s.
  • Even younger apartments, up to 10 years old, waste much more energy than newer ones.
  • Homes that have above-average energy consumption, and are therefore billed at a higher tariff than the current household price cap, have even higher energy costs.
  • In the future, the current household energy price cap might be lowered or even abolished, causing further uncertainty for consumers.

All new apartments in Cordia’s portfolio meet the requirements of at least the BB certification, or even AA, and in some cases AA+, which means they have particularly low energy consumption levels.

Available apartments

A sustainable home is a long-term investment

New-build property is also an excellent investment opportunity because of its permanent and predictably low utility cost. Additionally, it can also be sold easier, quicker, and above all, at a higher price point in comparison to older homes with lower certification ratings. Energy efficiency is also an important consideration when buying a property as an investment, since tenants are becoming more conscious of their choices. Therefore, homes with lower energy bills are easier to rent out and usually have a higher rental value.

Aesthetic and practical interiors:
farewell to radiators

Our new properties are typically available with:


Heat pump technology


Ceiling heating and cooling systems


Room-by-room temperature control – even remotely from your phone


More spacious and beautiful homes that allow for easier furnishing, and a more practical use of space

Energy efficient residential parks

Cordia currently offers the largest portfolio of energy-efficient new-built apartments in Hungary. For all new developments, we aim to provide the building's heating, cooling and hot water needs with a modern system powered by renewable energy only, without the use of natural gas.

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