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Property investment opportunities from cordia

Recent experience has shown that a carefully chosen property is a highly profitable investment that can provide lasting value. Cordia, Hungary’s leading property developer, will help you to find a suitable apartment and layout, while our Property Management service can help you furnish apartments purchased as an investment, as well as with renting and managing them.

Are you looking for a reliable return on your investment? With Cordia apartments you can earn a yield of up to 6-7% from rental fees before tax. Considering current interest rates, this is an outstanding opportunity. These are secure, balanced and long-term investments that are not just a great way to make money, but also as a home for your children or grandchildren. Thanks to their high-quality and thoughtful design, Cordia apartments will hold their value and can easily be rented out at favourable rates.

We can only offer a limited number of apartments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Use your savings wisely: invest in property!

Real estate is one of the oldest types of investment in the world. Property is secure and tangible, and an attractive property can also be easily sold on. If you want to invest in an apartment, it makes sense to invest in high-quality, easily manageable property with plenty of shops and services in the local area. If you would like to buy a newly built property, it is important to work with a developer with experience, a stable financial background and excellent relationships with contractors.

Cordia is Hungary’s leading property developer with 15 years of experience in the construction of residential properties. Our Zugló residential property, Thermal Zugló, was ranked Budapest’s apartment development project of the year in 2016.

Put your trust in us!

Demand is very high for fully furnished and equipped apartments on Corvin Promenade, particularly from international residents of the city. With this in mind, our Property Management team offers the following services:

  • free home furnishing service
  • selection of furniture, electronic goods and other items
  • purchasing
  • installation

If you purchase an apartment with Cordia, you won’t just be the owner of a high-quality property, you will also have a great investment on your hands.

Our apartment rental services:

  • Advertising – internet search (we target websites frequented by younger people), online advertising and banners, market-leading partners, direct contact with university students
  • Property viewing – the rental process is often accelerated when property is viewed in furnished apartments
  • Administration – management of the entire documentation process up to the exchange of contracts, which is always preceded by thorough discussions with both the tenant and the owner of the apartment

Our management services include:

  • Electronic correspondence with our clients on technical and financial matters relating to the property, as well as timely communication of any other relevant information
  • Ensuring compliance with the conditions set out in the rental agreement, particularly regarding enforcement of payment obligations and any penalties for delayed payment
  • Maintenance of a full inventory of the contents of the apartment
  • Installation of meters and recording of meter readings
  • Personal visit to the property at least every three months
  • Handling of affairs with public utilities, complete administration of official documents, collection of letters and official notifications, and forwarding them to the property owner or their appointed representative
  • Assistance with processing and arranging repairs under warranty and any technical maintenance to the property as required

For prospective investors

Get in touch with us and we will help you decide the best way to invest the sum you have available, taking into account the following:

  • How large should your property be, which project should it be located in and what characteristics should the apartment have?
  • How much income can you expect your Cordia property to generate?

For current investors

We are only too happy to assist you with ensuring your Cordia property is fully utilized:

  • If you own a property on the Corvin Promenade, but you do not know how much it is currently worth
  • If you wish to sell your property, but do not know who to turn to
  • Your property is being rented out, and you don’t know if you should sell it or not
  • You would like to rent out your property for more
Grand’Or An exclusive investment in the Soho of Budapest
City-center home or ideal investment opportunity in the lively “Budapest Soho” quarter. Excellent inner city transport links and amenities nearby. Apartments with guaranteed rental opportunities and smart home technologies.

Construction has started!

Corvin Átrium In the heart of Budapest, everything you need close by
An apartment building right next to the international award-winning Corvin Promenade. Great central location, all amenities nearby, and with a leafy promenade designed by a modern landscape artist. Ideal city-center home and fantastic investment. Fitted with smart home technologies.
Rózsa 55 Smart homes near Andrássy Avenue
Homes close to the prestigious Andrássy Avenue in Budapest’s diplomatic quarter, just 15 minutes’ walk from City Park. Excellent inner city transport links and amenities nearby. Apartments with guaranteed rental opportunities and smart home technologies.

Construction has started!

Young City Designed for modern life
Close to the city center but in the greenbelt, this is the most popular area of the 13th district. Multifunctional common space on the ground floor, sun terrace on the roof garden, running track, outdoor fitness park, child-friendly design. Just a few minutes’ walk from the M3 metro and number 1 tram lines.

Construction has started!

Kapás 21 Timeless value in the heart of Buda
The stylish Kapás 21 building in Buda’s most sought-after area is walking distance from the banks of the Danube. Located in a peaceful street close to Millenáris Park, the M2 metro line and the 4/6 tram stop. Ideal home and investment. Fitted with smart home technologies.
*The information provided by this website does not constitute a binding proposal. For further details and an official investment proposal, please email us at or call +36 1 411 3000.
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