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‘Smart home’ from Cordia – the hit product of the future

Cordia’s apartment portfolio will now include ‘Smart Homes’ that are the first homes in Hungary you can control from your smart phone.

Cordia Hungary provides the newly developed apartments with unique, home-automation solutions designed specifically for the company. Virtually every function can be controlled in these apartments with an application installed on a smart device. The solution, not available in Hungary till now, uses a mobile phone to manage the front door, the lights, the entire electrical and heating systems, as well as the optional built-in home entertainment system. The company expects that, due to the demand for smart homes, those purchasing for investment purposes will also prefer such apartments.

„It is important for Cordia to build its customers the most modern homes. Thanks to the sudden development of smart devices and IoT technologies, homes which can be automated quickly and easily and controlled remotely become available more and more widely. Cordia is the first in Hungary to build a condominium, where all the apartments will be equipped with the devices necessary for smart homes. The installation and subsequent operation of the control unit are easy and simple. Using this, the operation of the lighting, heating or even the front door, for example, becomes ever more comfortable and energy-efficient.” – said Mr Áron Görög, Sales and Marketing Director for Cordia Hungary.

The application controlling Cordia smart homes is a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing system, which can be operated by both iOS and Android smart devices, for which the only technical requirement is access to the Internet. The universal structure of the system enables the control of various devices, such as the control of the lighting and heating systems, the smart-sockets, the TV set and the monitoring the opening sensors and triggering the alarm. You also control all of the devices in the apartment from the front door, through the refrigerator and the air-conditioner, to the shutters, which can be connected to the Internet and all operated from a single point.

„These smart solutions may also be useful in the case of letting: using a mobile application, the so-called short-stay letters who let the apartment only for a couple of days may not necessarily be present in a given case when the guest arrives, it is enough to give the guest the right of entry, so they can use their smart phone as a key to their apartment, or the smoke detector wired to the owner can watch out for the cleanliness of the air in a non-smoking apartment’ ” – Mr Áron Görög drew the attention to some possible benefits of home automation.

Cordia is the first company in Hungary to build a condominium, where all the apartments will be equipped with the devices necessary for smart homes. The apartments equipped with this unique solution will be developed in Corvin Atrium and built in the new phase of developing the popular Corvin Promenade. The innovative home automation solution provides security and comfort for users, as the smart devices of the apartment become controllable from anywhere in the world by means of a smart phone. Moreover, the development also facilitates more efficient energy use, which will be reflected in a reduction in the monthly cost of the apartment as well.

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