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Smart home

Be anywhere, at any time, you are always in control. You can reach your home from anywhere. You can check the temperature, glance into the living room or even switch off the coffee machine if you have forgotten about it.

Taking advantage of the Cordia Smart Home system you may enjoy security in your home and smuggle tranquillity into the weekdays by means of the numerous amenities.

Some examples from the long list of the various services offered in Cordia smart homes.
The Cordia system not only provides you with an automated home but also a full value multimedia entertainment centre.
You can measure the temperature and the vapour content of the air in your home by using our environmental sensors.
Control the lighting in your home from your mobile phone or even automate it.
From now on the heating system in your home will adapt to you entirely. Getting home from work earlier? No problem, you can start heating remotely when you leave work.
Use your mobile phone as a key to your home. Comfortable and safe. Send an electronic key for your friends or guests.
A burst pipe or a tap left running? Your home will take care of this, too.

Cordia’s smart home solution thinks not only about controlling utilities but also your entertainment as well. Our central multimedia control unit turns any TV set into a smart television through magic; you can browse the Internet, play or watch your favourite films on your television.


Our system helps you save energy, which may also result in decreasing monthly costs. Sockets, which measure consumption, a heating system that can be controlled remotely and the lights, which can be switched off automatically are all important elements in terms of more efficient energy consumption.

How often have you realised just after going to bed that you forgot to switch off a light somewhere? Or has it ever occurred to you how good it would be if someone switched off the TV or the bedside lamp after you fall asleep? Or, if your home were heated up by the time you get home? All this is possible, what is more, you receive all of this with the Cordia smart homes.

Control with smart phone applications

A smart phone application designed for the user needs to be downloaded to operate the devices, which are also accessible through an Internet browser. The application is available free of charge for both Android and Iphone devices.

Users only have to download the application and give a password. The system automatically detects the installed devices and is able to control them.

Basic configuration / Operation

Home owners already take over their home with installed devices. At the beginning the system already has an average and an optimal basic configuration, which can be easily modified and tailored to individual needs through the application.
The controller mobile applications belonging to the packages and the ergonomic operator interface of the website also make the remote control and operation of smart homes easy.

The following is possible:
Viewing the status (door opening, electrical consumption, etc.)
Remote control type switching operations
Timed switching operations
Alarms, notifications

Expansion facilities

Each package contains the potential for the future expansion. Connecting new devices to the system does not require special skills. The new devices not available in our present package offer the following functions:

Central smart thermostat

Burst pipe sensor

Smoke or carbon-monoxide sensor

Controlling the power driven shutters

Controlling the air-conditioner

Controlling the LED strip


Each user can only connect to and control the devices installed in their own apartment.

The system provides users with security and meets the security related requirements for automated systems.


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