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Life on the Danube bank

The riverside areas in European cities belong to the most popular residential areas. The success of many newly built projects along the section of District XIII of the Pest side Danube bank has already proved that living in a newly built apartment by the bank of the Danube is the dream of many. If it is also your dream, then Marina Garden, which will be built in a large green area with parks, is an ideal choice.

Take the underground railway to the Danube

The underground railway is the most efficient means of public transport in large cities. Gyöngyösi út station of the M3 underground railway line is a 5-minute walk from Marina Garden. Váci út, along which the city centre and the M0 motorway can be reached quickly, is one of the biggest avenues of Pest.

Shopping Centre within walking distance

New residents do not have to give up any comfort of urban life even if the apartments at Marina Garden provide the harmonious tranquillity of the green belt. The project is located within walking distance from Duna Plaza, one of the largest shopping centres in Budapest, where you can arrange not only your shopping, but take advantage of the myriad of services as well.

Proven good investment

Properties are secure investment. The ideally located properties are not only of stable value, but they also mean extremely high yields for their owners. The properties lying near the Danube bank are attractive residences, for both short and long-term tenants.

Guaranteed possibility of letting

The apartments near the Danube bank with good public transport facilities are always in demand on the rental market. The good transport and service environment of Marina Garden and the green tranquillity of the area all provide exceptionally good conditions for letting.

Smart home

We were among the first in Hungary to introduce the home automation solution controllable with a smart device, by means of which the power supply (lighting, sockets), heating, air conditioning, shading, as well as the security system can be controlled remotely. Your smart homes equipped with the 21st century technology will be more comfortable, safer and energy efficient than a conventional home.

Would you like to invest in a modern, high quality, yet cosy newly built apartment?

Real estate is a secure but highly profitable form of investment in the current market environment. Whether you are consider letting out an apartment for a long- or short term, Cordia can offer you several apartments with excellent investment potential. If you also take our Property Management service, which is obtainable at the market exclusively from Cordia, then our colleagues at Cordia will organize the following for you:



Real estate management

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